Looong day!

Another long day at work, love my new job at Swedbank =) ,  but eventfull day , i am really tired, today work with "obokad kunder",   had to wait 45 mins for the train this morning ... SL is really starting to piss me off , as i was waiting for the train i was redng an article about trains in japan .. they are never later then 30 sec ... humm, somtime i wish i lived in Japan. And we had such long ques in the office that customrs had to wait up to 40 mins in the que.. which is very frustrating for them, and when they finaly get service they are sooo pissed off ....and i really understand them  mean i would be pissed off too if i had to wait that long for service. haha i think i am going to start applying for anger mangement lessons on how to handle people with angry problems because .. i think ALL our customers are having that problem :P.
well im gonig to have some dinner and go to bed ! another long day tomorrow waiting for me :P


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Så du har tackat ja till Swedbank! Congratz! :D

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