You Know What Really Grinds My Gears EP 1

you know what grinds my gears people who post sad smiley faces on facebook and when you ask them what is wrong they tell you "i dont want to talk about it .. or i will tell you later,  asså if you dont want people to ask than dont post it. whats that point of letting us know that you are sad or feeling really down if you dont want to share ?! Facebook is a Social network people ! ofcause i am going to worry and asked whats worng when you post that .. the least you can do is tell me OR dont post it and i wont bother to ask ! that will save both of us allot of time which could have been spend doing better things ! life is not sunshine and roses for anybody ... unless you are rich ! humm come to think about it .. rich people really grinds my gears , walking around flashing your cash, whats about me dont you think i would love some of that money !  , "sharing is caring"... people... HELLO!!!  learn to share !
and that

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