Men ÅåååH håll de du säger !

What is up with people who say one thing a completlt do another :s, i just dont undetstand why people say the are going to do one thing and then the end up doing th exact opposit :S . how on earth do you expect me to trust you when you cant keep your word. , if anything i am learning  to trust the opposite of what you say. next time you say you will do somthing i will expect you to do the opposite. ,
Yes sure even i dont always stick to what i say but i try to explain with things did not turn out that way i said they would and f i rpomise somthing i try to the best of my ability to keep that promise ...  i cant stand empty promises, if you know that we are not going to keep it than dont promise anothing unless you are sure and if somthing happenes and you cant keep your promise let me know and why :S , have the guts to says it !

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