Slow Weekend

Spent the hole weekend here in at home in kungsängen alone just chilling, was really nine , and since my mobile has no battery no one can call me which means its been extra slow,  it was nice to not have such a large schedule with alot to do all the time , but i could feel that it was just the calme before the strom, because i have so much to do next week, i have to present my thesis and do an opppsition in sundsvall and i have allot of meetings here in stockholm and in sundsvall both about the financing, up coming project and my career. lots of fun.  I also watched Manchester City vs Wigan and they won with 3 - 0 , agureo made a hattirk  awesome , we are going to win the season bitches so watch out !!! :D , dzeko, nasri, aguero and silva !!! they are unstopable ! they will beat any defence ! :D

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