John Edward

I watched a show by john Edward today, he thinks that he is a psychic
and can talk to those that have crossed over to the other side of death., 
i could not help but be reminded of that southpark episode. 
and how Stan said it so well about what this guy does.

 Stan: "You see, I learned something today. At first I thought you were all stupid,
	listening to this douche's advice, but now I understand that you're all here
        because you're scared. You're scared of death and he offers you some kind of 
        understanding. You all want to believe in it so much, I know you do. You find
        comfort in the thought that your loved ones are floating around trying to talk
        to you, but thnk about it: Is that really what you want? To just be floating
        around after you die, having to talk to this asshole? We need to recognize this
        stuff for what it is: magic tricks. Because whatever's really going on in life
        and in death is much more amazing than this douche."

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