You Know What Really Grinds My Gears EP 3

I have got such allot of response and feed back from people ever since i launched "what girnds my gears" , i would like to take a moment to say thank you ;) , even those who posted somwhat negative response I am greatfull for that cause even negative publicity is still publicity none the less. now that we have gotten that out of the way it is time for the next EP of "what grinds my gears". ( P.S i will also be posting other posts that i found on other websides that feature Gear grinds and reffer them back to their original authors, as a shoutout to them and their  awesome Gear grinder thoughts.)
You know what really grinds my gears , black young people speaking with an african accent trying to act and look like american hophop artists and pretending to be gangstars. I mean why dont you just get with the fricken program ! ... :S, First of all , we can all tell, you are not from that states and pretending to be is just sad, Second we all know where your fake cheap "fugis" jeans knockoffs come from, and they are not fooling anyone ... well probably just you and thats why you are wearing them, and third ..whats with copying a culture that clearly have almost nothing to do with you.? I say almost because you have skin colour in commen and i guess that´s enough these days for you to forget where you are from brand yourself with a culture that has nothing to do with your own. Dont missunderstand  me , i am not saying accepting other cultures is wrong and,( learning about other cultures is one of my favorite things ) but that is a differences betweens understand different cultures adopting the best features of about those culture and putting your pants down to your legs and walking around with bigs ass clothes abd pretending to be a gangstar.
Come on africans ... thats why parents in america and europe  use us to illustrate worst case scenarios to scare their kids.  ( "eat up your food,to leave all those all the starving children in africa" etc )  and yes its true we do have a allot of starving children in afican, but thats note my point in this case, what i am saying is if we as youngstars and going to inherit that world. we should start by looking at the world and the realizing that state its in. Its in a really shity state and if we are going to fix it we need to start with ourselfs and what infleunces us, All cultures have somthing wonderful to teacher. especially the hiphop culture , but walking around pretending to be a gangstar is moving us forwards, ! pick up a god damn book and make somthing of yourself.. and thats "what grinds my gears"!
Peace ! =)


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Sweden is a country which is full of opportunities to make something out of yourself. It's Sad too see many people drop out of School/Skip school.

There is so many other chilren around the world that don't have enough money or even afford to go/finish school. In Sweden they even borrow you money and give you money. It's depressing to see people not take advantages of it and appreciate it.

They don't know how lucky they are to live in Sweden .

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