You Know What Really Grinds My Gears EP 2

You know what really grinds my gears , When people write about what they have done during the day in the bloggs , for example "today i did this and that .. end of story" next post "today i did this and that " , i dont mind readying about what you did that day but if thats all your blogg is about ?, then thats pretty boring and lame, blogging was started because some people felt that they had an opinion about somthing and wanted to share it with a wider audience. Then you go around wondering why you only have 2 views on your blogg!?   unless you are a swedish 15 year blond girl trying to look like a barbie and looking for a quick route to "stardom" ( if thats why you started a blogg)  fine !..  but if you want me to read your blogg then have somthing interesting, mix that shit up ! , Have an opinion and share some thoughts. There is nothing more boring than reading a blogg about absolutly nothing! Your intellect is whats interesting thats why i read you blogg.
and another thing.. what with 40+ men running around awarding these 15 years olds "blogg of the year awards" :S , shame on you ! cut that shit out cause we all know there is nothing worth  awarding about those bloggs
I, personaly can not think of single setting in which 40+ men should be hanging out with 15 girls ! cut that shit out !
and that is what grinds my gears !  Peace out !


1 Erika:

Jag skriver så för att några hemma faktiskt vill veta vad jag gör här nere... Men om det stör dig så mycket behöver du bara inte läsa de

2 Salle:

Haha, osså sur då Erika! :)

Tror nog han menar dom som inte befinner sig utomlands och har samma gamla stereotypa vardag. Skola, kompisar, facebook!

3 Erika:

Haha käften Salle! ;P

Så jag ahr inte en sterotyp dag? Har du ens läst min blogg? ;P

4 Salle:

Mycket möjligt, men du är utomlands och jag kan nog tänka mig att dom som inte pratar med dig så ofta nöjer sig med det lilla dom får även om det är stereotypt :)

Sen så är det ju tangis egna åsikter så vad vi tycker spelar nog ingen större roll :)

5 Tangi:

first, the comment was not directed at anyone personally, but of-cause i knew that there would be people who may feel offended by it. With out retracting my post, i will say this though, the interest of your blog is influence by the content you put in it. In the end its all about what you want to share with the wider audience who read your blog, and that in-turn defines the purpose of your blog , if your purpose and your content are in line with one another i see no reason for you to feel offended by my personal opinion cause that IS what it is, an opinion , and i am entitled to one !

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